Winter in the Koue Bokkeveld

Posted on Thu June 3, 2021.

Winter is one of the coldest seasons of the year. The name Koue Bokkeveld says exactly what its like in our area.
Not only is it extremely cold in our area but also tells a story on its own.

We as Koue Bokkevellers as we call ourselves knows that when it rains on for days there will be snow on the peak of the mountains and after the rain it will be cold. There are some speculations that this year we will get a lot of snow hopefully on ground level. For now we enjoy the frost in the mornings and imagine it is snow.

We always warn our guests that it is extremely cold in winter but that doesn't scare them because they want to visit our farm. So we want to give some tips in case you visit us during winter season:

- a lot of warm clothes  for the children especially because they ill be up early if they see through the windows the frost on the grass (they might think its snow)

- Note that if you  want to explore our area from the early morning your windscreen will be frosted so be patience. 

- pack comfy shoes for the trails and just to walk on the farm.

- Our cottages is equipped with electric blankets and there is one extra blanket on the bed. 

- we do sell wood at the reception and can be booked before arrival @R25 a bag

- it might be that in case it snow that our pass will be closed- please make sure to contact us before- hand. The roads will definitely be slippery so drive safely 

- please do pack a lot of sherry :) 

Our winter season is so beautiful you don't want to miss the experience.