She said I do, regardless

Posted on Tue August 4, 2020.

Life is only as perfect as we allow it to be. My motto? Forget the "worldly kind of perfect" and always choose to embrace the remaining good amidst all the chaos.

As most little girls growing up, we tend to dream about our 'big one day'. You know - that day when you receive the privilege of making a promise to always stand by and be your Prince Charming's person - vowing your eternal love in the presence of the Lord. It's the purest kind of celebration where all those that has true meaning in your life rejoices this beautiful union with you in grace. It is a moment in time where the sun will forever shine at its brightest. The kind where you share tears of happiness and hope for the future. It's the kind where you get to laugh, love unconditionally and eat way too much wedding cake (okay, fine... at least for some of us it will go something like this). All whilst dancing the night away in a mystical garden surrounded by thousands of fairy-lights. And in this dream, everything just seems to be - well, perfect. Just, perfect. Lately, I've kinda been thinking about this word - 'perfect'. What does it really mean? When is a moment truly perfect or when is it safe to say that a plan was executed perfectly? How do you ensure your 'big day' is going to be perfect? I've started questioning this about a week ago, whilst standing next to one of my best friends on what will be one of the biggest days of her entire life, saying I do to forever. Such an honour! Now, if there wasn't a catch, this would be a cute and rather short story to tell. But the truth is, my friend said I do in the midst of a world pandemic, better known as a virus going around named COVID-19. Pretty sure you've heard of it, right? You know, that little international thing goin' viral right now telling us how much we should hate sushi... yap, that's the one! Imagine waking up a week before your wedding. Your heart is filled with complete peace and loads of excitement for the future. In a week from now you would have entered into a marriage with your forever best friend. It's a pretty big deal! And to celebrate this, you are looking most forward to sharing it with those closest to you next weekend. Everything is 'perfectly' in place. The venue, music, catering, gifts, flowers, dresses, table seating, guests' accommodation - everything. Until, it's not anymore. A few days before what you have always imagined would be the 'perfect' day, the president announces that the global COVID-19 pandemic is now also declared a national crisis. Leaving you with a whole list of adjustments needing to be made to your special day in little less than four days.